How to Do PR with No Budget


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PR can be a game-changer, but for many startups PR begins and ends with receiving a nod from TechCrunch. While TechCrunch is a great publication (and a mention from them is no small feat), there’s a lot more that goes into a winning PR strategy.

Gina Gotthilf, Co-founder of Latitud joins us to share how you can use PR tactics with no budget to grow your business. With previous experience leading growth and marketing at Duolingo she helped grow the organization from 3 to over 200 million users and has led partnerships, communication strategies, a/b testing growth sprints, and other responsibilities in an ever-changing startup environment.

In this session, Gina shares:

– How to engineer relevance when nobody knows you
– Tips on crafting a winning pitch
– How to spray and pray strategically
– How to stay metrics-driven when PR is fluffy
– When to decide between in-house or agency

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