The Ultimate Playbook to Buy & Sell SaaS Companies

on March 11, 2022
The Ultimate Playbook to Buy & Sell SaaS Companies

The art of buying, building, growing, and selling non-venture scale cash flow positive companies with stable growth is a growing trend in the startup world.

On Tuesday, March 15, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO of MicroAquire, Andrew Gazdecki, joins us to share his detailed playbook from helping 100s of SaaS companies sell and make great profits.

Specifically, Andrew will discuss:

– How to build and grow your startup with limited resources
– How to leverage storytelling to win
– How to make the competition your greatest asset in sales
– When your startup is most likely to get acquired
– How to prepare for an acquisition in 6 steps
– Technical, financial & marketing due diligence
– Negotiation and exiting for a good multiple
– 3 steps for identifying the perfect business to buy
– How to finance an acquisition using an SBA Loan
– How to grow and scale the business you just acquired


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