Get hundreds of thousands of dollars from government tax incentive programs. Boast specializes in helping startups reduce the burden and pain of tax credit claim preparation, and maximize claim size. Boast creates claims based on your detailed R&D project, financial, and payroll records, and automatically creates what is needed for accurate claims. By accessing all of your eligible tax incentives, you can invest more quickly and grow more rapidly.


Explaining to Client

You Qualify. Get Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars from Government Tax Incentive Programs.

Are you developing new (or improving existing) products, software, technologies, materials, or processes? You may be able to claim a sizeable tax credit.

  • Once approved by the government, the R&D credit can be applied to offset payroll taxes or income taxes
  • Businesses across many industries can qualify for R&D tax credits—including software and gaming, hardware, e-commerce, biomedical and pharma, life sciences, and manufacturing


You’re investing in innovation—you should claim everything that qualifies to help you fund more innovation. Boast brings a complete solution to maximize your tax incentive claims and eliminate the difficulty and mystery of traditional offerings. Claim your part of the billions of dollars offered each year in government tax incentives.

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The Boast Advantage

1,000 s

Thousands of claims

60 h

Hours saved each year during your claim process

15 %

Larger claims with Boast’s AI and with payroll, project, and finance integrations

Automated R&D for Startups

  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Jira
  • Github

The Boast platform gathers data from your technical and financial systems to identify and categorize eligible projects, time, and expenses—estimating along the way instead of only at the end—and getting you more money, faster, for less time, and risk.

  • Time Tracking
  • Cash
  • Audit Evidence
  • Tax Forms

Our Speciality

Boast has years of tax credit experience, successful claims, technical report authoring, audit protection, and expertise to help you maximize your R&D claim.

Access Your SR&ED Refund Up To 12 Months Early So You Can:

  • Re-invest in your business
  • Grow faster
  • Hire sooner
  • Extend your cash runway

Companies that leverage QuickFund grow much faster than their counterparts

Since company B was able to leverage SR&ED Financing to get quarterly advanced funding, they were able to increase their growth rate one year ahead for Company A.

"Boast enabled our executive team to focus on building our business instead of chasing R&D tax credits. They saved us countless hours of pain, guiding us through the process and putting together our report. Highly recommend every tech CEO take a close look."


Access Quarterly Advanced Refunds with Boast

Every year, the Canadian Government provides more than $4.1 billion to over 20,000 businesses as part of the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit program to offset R&D costs.

R&D Tax Specialists Have Your Back

In-house experts prepare and validate your claim, applying their collective decades of experience in finance, tax, and technology to maximize your eligibility. Regular check-ins throughout the year mean you are always making the most of your innovations without the end-of-year deadline scramble.

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White Glove Service

We take the pressure off of you by authoring your technical reports, reviewing claims and eligibility, and ensuring everything possible is done to maximize your claim. With decades of combined experience, our technical and service experts make your process easy and your claim more accurate.

Regular Check-ins

Getting the most from your innovation investments means regularly monitoring qualifying work—not just once a year in a mad rush at deadline time. Boast makes it easy to stay updated with our automated software and integrations, but our experts will check in with you regularly to discuss options.

A Proven Process, Without the Mystery

Our transparent, real-time process is easier and more accurate, eliminating that painful end-of-year deadline scramble.

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Find Out How Much Money You Can Get From The Government

Our R&D tax experts will quickly assess if you are eligible for R&D tax credits. During this conversation we will provide:

  • Tactics to reduce your teams time in preparing your R&D tax credits 
  • Determine what projects qualify for R&D tax credits  
  • Assess if you qualify for quarterly cash advances on accrued R&D tax credits
  • Estimate the total return you can expect in your current fiscal year
  • Provide ideas to maximize your current and past claims
  • Learn about the Boast platform, and how we simplify your claim process

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